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Precrease & Collapse

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36min (52 Mo) - 08 novembre 2019 Code copié Lien copié

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I was wondering… Do podcast and origami have something in common? On the top of my mind, I would say yes, even if it's not obvious. Look, for instance, both can be practiced alone. A paper and a book. A mikeand a computer. You're all set. But in the end youwill quickly find a wo,nderfulcommunity you can reach out to. A community that will help you improve. A community you can contribute to. In the end, it's all about sharing.
You're about to listen to the second episode dedicated to the World Origami Days. The World Origami Days are an annual event when folders and origami artists promote origami around them. With Precrease & Collapse, I took the bet to invite podcasts' hosts for a long-distance origami-lesson. In the first episode, you met Dam, from the French podcast Écoute-ça. Today, I am honored to meet with Fredrik Baden, from the international fiction podcast The Amelia Project. When I left a message on their answering machine, my hopes were quite low. But, surpisingly, Alvina picked it and handed it to their composer and sound designer…

Precrease & Collapse

Each month, I'll receive an artist or someone who changed the origami world for the best. Should you be a creator as well, a compulsive folder or a curious mind, you will have the opportunity to experience their creative process. From confirmed artists to new talents, from all over the world, we will talk about what drives them creatively, about their inside vision of origami. Alongside these interviews, I will entertain you with book reviews, origami spotting and podcasts suggestions. This podcast is "dead", sorry for the inconvenience. But you still can listen to the old episodes.

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