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Description de l'episode

Promising the secret to optimal health, we've enlisted the help of an emergency physician with over 35 years of experience to debunk medical myths and uncover the truth about the corporatization of medicine. The conversation revolves around lifestyle changes, diets, vitamins, and supplements. Our guest provides an enlightening commentary on the implications of insurance company consolidation and the growing influence of pharmaceutical companies on patient care. The medical field, once revered for its community impact, is now more about competition and less about holistic patient care.

In a world where obesity and diabetes are rampant, our guest sheds light on the role of diet in healthcare. We talk low-carb diets, the dangers of fad diets, the processed food industry and pharmaceutical dependency. The conversation steers you towards understanding the importance of whole foods, optimal carb and protein intake for weight loss, and the controversy surrounding fish oil supplements. Our guest also offers guidance on supplement intake and the importance of a balanced diet.

As we delve deeper into the topic of health, we tackle the issue of insulin resistance and its home remedies. We also discuss weight maintenance strategies and supplement recommendations. Our guest emphasizes on the role of a continuous glucose monitor in leading to a permanent lifestyle change, wrapping up with details on how to find his book, The Continuous Glucose Monitor Revolution for Non-Diabetics. Prepare to have your health beliefs challenged, and possibly transformed, as we explore these topics and more on this episode.

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Your Transformation Station

"Apple's Top 200 Business News" and professional podcast underdog, "YourTransformationStation" a (@YTSthePodcast) that gives you (authentic, unfiltered, and intelligent content) to boost YOUR professional standing.  Your voice, Favazza (Greg Favazza), Army veteran turned transformation advocate. Here, everything connects and making sense of it all is what we do. We'll explore levels of (BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION, SOCIAL STRATIFICATION, and WELLNESS), interviewing experts.  So that you can start assuming LEADERSHIP and USTAINABILITY in the Global Age.All episodes are ad-free

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