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In this episode, we'll talk about how YouTube ads are getting in the way of a full video viewing experience and what alternatives exist for watching YouTube without ads.

Many of us love watching videos on YouTube, as it's a great platform where you can find a wide variety of content, from educational videos to entertaining shows. Frequent ad inserts become an integral part of watching, and they can be highly annoying, interrupting your viewing at the most inopportune moments. This severely affects the viewing pleasure, leading some viewers to consider a YouTube Premium subscription, which will get rid of the ads. Such a subscription is not affordable for everyone, as it has to be paid monthly, even if you don't watch videos on YouTube that often. In such a situation, it is important to know that there are alternatives for watching YouTube without ads, and one such alternative is the NewPipe app.

Let's tell you how it can be useful. The main advantage of NewPipe is the complete absence of ads both inside the page and in the video itself. Now you will not be distracted by watching ads, which will save both your time and nerve cells. NewPipe is completely free and its source code is open source. You can rest assured that no one is tracking your actions and your privacy is fully preserved.

NewPipe not only offers no ads, the app allows you to watch videos in pop-up mode (picture-in-picture), download videos, audio and subtitles to your devices for offline viewing. You don't even need to create an account to subscribe to the channels you're interested in.

Probably you are already interested in how to install NewPipe on your smartphone or tablet? To do so, you need to go to , where you can download the APK file of the NewPipe application and install it. No further customization is required from you, the app is fully ready to work right after installation.

Thank you for choosing our podcast. Enjoy watching YouTube ad-free, we look forward to seeing you on the next episode!


In this podcast we talk about how to watch YouTube without ads. You're probably tired of annoying ad inserts that make dynamic videos boring and discourage further viewing. The NewPipe app will not only help you get rid of ad integrations, but also add new features that will make watching content even more convenient. With NewPipe you can subscribe to channels without creating an account, download videos to your device's memory and watch them even without internet access. The app is completely open source and has a high level of privacy.

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