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Hello, dear listeners of our podcast. In the first episode, we want to touch on the topic of tip culture in the United States. The history of tip culture in the United States goes back more than a century. In the late 19th century, waiters in American restaurants and catering establishments began receiving a portion of their income from guests in the form of tips. This was because service workers received low wages, and tips became an important additional source of income. Over time, the tip culture took root and became an integral part of the American public.
Tipping culture in the United States has undergone some changes over the years. Originally, the recommended tip amount was around 10% of the bill, but today it is the norm in restaurants to expect a tip of 15-20% of the total bill. This is the standard percentage for excellent service. If you tip less than 10% of the check, it's a sign that you didn't enjoy the service. Of course, you can tip more if the service exceeded your expectations, or less if you were not satisfied with the quality of service, but it is generally recommended that you stick to this conventional range. In fast food establishments, the average tip does not exceed 15%, and in bars it is customary to add 1-2 dollars to the cost of each drink. When delivering food to the house usually leave the courier 1-2$ to the cost of the order, of course, if he is not very late.
However, in recent years there has been a problem with tipping. It consists in the fact that the tip began to demand and impose in places where there is a self-service, for example, at the cash registers. This has caused some bewilderment among visitors, as traditionally tips are left for quality service, but in the case of self-service there is no such service. This became a topic of wide discussion and caused a lot of controversy. A person has the right to decide for himself whether to leave a tip in such situations or not, and in order to calculate the amount of tips and avoid misunderstandings or offenses, there is a useful service https://tip-calculator.org/ It offers a free tip calculator, which will help you quickly and accurately calculate the amount that should be left for a tip depending on the total amount of the bill and the selected percentage of tips. This is a great tool for those who want to make sure they are leaving a fair amount of tip and supporting the service staff.
Remember, tipping is the customer's appreciation for good service and the action is voluntary. The amount and decision to leave a tip or not is yours alone. Let's always remember to have mutual respect and appreciation for those who make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Tip Calculator

This channel was created to help you understand the subtleties and rules of tipping. From our episodes you will learn how to properly assess the level of service and determine the appropriate amount to tip. We'll share with you the cultural nuances and traditions of tipping in different countries so you can be prepared for traveling. We'll discuss how and how much to tip in cabs, food delivery and other services where it is practiced. And our tip calculator https://tip-calculator.org/ will help you quickly do the calculation for you.

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