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Description de l'episode

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This podcast is the 41st episode of the Love Health Center in Europe about sex positivism, relationship and sexuality. Olivier interviews Marga Berlinski, a sex, intimacy and relationship coach from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They discuss Marga's life journey, her passion for educating and supporting people in their growth path and how important it is to bring more love and awareness in the world through intimacy and relating. They also talk about the significance of sexuality as an area of life to play and grow. Finally, they emphasize the need to share experiences, to learn and practice. Especially in a culture where it's rare to speak with authenticity and vulnerability about sexual life.

From disappointment and resignation to a fulfilling sexual life and relationship, listen how Marga made such progress what are her advices to you.

Websites : Turn-On-NLSequencing of the podcast :00:18 Introduction et presentation of Marga
01:04 What is your intention today recording this podcast?
01:54 Can you share with us what means for you the sexuality?
03:36 Can you share with us what was your journey until now?
05:45 What was the major steps that changed your life from resignation to hope and then wellness?
09:56 Is there some advice you would give to people?
13:01 What would be some advice about the love?
17:39 As a sexual coach, is there something you would love to share with people, to help them to progress in their sexuality that is really vivid for you today or any important message?
20:52 In your personal life, is there a funny moment you remember it gives you the most confidence, freedom, or wellness?
27:24 What would be your last advice to listeners which is important for you in your life, in your profession?
28:54 How people can contact you and what kind of activities you are proposing?
32:23 We love to end the podcast with gratitudes…34:44 Listeners can leave a voice message to Marga
35:51 Closure of the podcast



Parlons de sexualité avec simplicité, audace et authenticité. Entr'Nous est un podcast vivant où l'on parle avec authenticité de sexe, et où l'on vous invite à explorer votre relation à votre sexualité. Ce podcast est enregistré à Bruxelles à deux pas de la Grand Place dans le Love Health Center. Au micro, pour animer, Olivier Mageren cofondateur de l'asbl. Enregistrement et production : The Podcast Factory Org (asbl-vzw)

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