hrmeetup. © - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO) - Peter Samyn, Sonia Stiens & Sofia Ati Allah - FOD Volksgezondheid (NL FR: 21/05/2015) - Hébergez gratuitement votre podcast sur

hrmeetup. © - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

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NL: Werken bij FOD Volksgezondheid. - Aan onze micro, Peter Samyn, Sonia Stiens en Sofia Ati Allah van FOD Volksgezondheid lichten een tipje van de sluier wat betreft hun innovatieve dienst personeel en organisatie ... Ze gaan mee met hun tijd en zijn actief in een paar van de belangrijkste uitdagingen binnen HR. - FR: Travailler au SPF de la Santé publique. - A notre micro, Peter Samyn, Sonia Stiens et Sofia Ati Allah du SPF Santé Publique lèvent le voile concernant les services innovatifs, la gestion du personnel et l'organisation...

Ils suivent leur époque et sont au coeur des plus importants challenges HR qui préoccupent le SPF de la Santé Publique. - Lees meer: - Website: - U kan ons project ook steunen via een like van onze Facebook pagina (, door onze bedrijfspagina op LinkedIn te volgen (

Info=tas%3AHRmeet%2Cidx%3A1-2-2) en ook via Twitter, Soundcloud, Google+, Pinterest...bedankt! HRmeetup sponsor: Talentsquare.

hrmeetup. © - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

hrmeetup. © is a podcast produced and realized by the non-profit organization "The Podcast Factory Org" which addresses human resources and passions in the workplace. The podcast offers episodes in 3 languages (FR-NL-ENG), although predominantly in French. This podcast is available in video format on YouTube and is accompanied by sequencing and full transcription for the deaf or hard of hearing. Our organization also offers, in collaboration with the French association BadGeek, PodBXL: a free podcast festival for, by, and with podcasters, which takes place every year on the first Saturday of July. hrmeetup. © also identifies itself as "Humana - The HR & People-centered community" for its bi-monthly networking events in Brussels among HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, where various HR themes are discussed. We are empowered by : "transforma bxl" and we are proud members of the coalition of Belgian ecopreneurs "Kaya" Donation : All info about us :

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