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Midoricast - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

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Description de l'episode

Alice Belin is a Senior Marine Policy Officer for Seas At Risk, an umbrella organisation of environmental NGOs from across Europe that work to help drive European and international marine and maritime policies in a more sustainable direction.

Jack Connor spoke with Alice about a multitude of different marine environmental issues from overfishing to underwater noise and what is needed to maintain healthy marine ecosystems that can mitigate the problems of climate change.

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Midoricast is a project initiated by "transforma bxl" & "The Podcast Factory Org" (NPO-ASBL-VZW). Synergy :  RCF Radio.

Midoricast - The Podcast Factory Org (ASBL-VZW-NPO)

Midoricast is a podcast produced and realized by the non-profit organization "The Podcast Factory Org" which shares success stories around the environment, ecological transition, and ecology. The podcast offers episodes in 3 languages (FR-NL-ENG), although predominantly in French. This podcast is available in video format on YouTube and is accompanied by sequencing and full transcription for the deaf or hard of hearing. Our organization also offers, in collaboration with the French association BadGeek, PodBXL: a free podcast festival for, by, and with podcasters, which takes place every year on the first Saturday of July. We are empowered by : "transforma bxl" and we are proud members of the coalition of Belgian ecopreneurs "Kaya" Donation : https://buy.stripe.com/8wM17Sb4g1csf7i8wy All info about us : https://linktr.ee/the_podcast_factory_org_asbl

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