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Vodio is a platform for hosting, broadcasting and listening to podcasts that is entirely free.

As players in the podcast world, we wanted to create the tool we dreamed of, to be able to manage our podcasts while remaining free and independent. And since we believe in the power of the podcast, we also wanted to share it and offer it to the largest possible audience.

The Vodio hosting package has been designed to offer the same options as the paid packages available, without any blurring of broadcast platform statistics or pricing policies.

This platform is also yours, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to see it change !


Being hosted by Vodio


Having access to a free offer does not mean a worse offer: we do our best to offer the same services as startups and companies in the sector.

Your podcast will have an RSS feed that will allow you to offer it on all the podcast distribution and listening platforms you want (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts...). With the latest standards and updated to follow them, this RSS feed will be accompanied by a page on our Vodio Library and various options to improve the visibility and distribution of your podcasts: Smartlink, embeddable player but also statistics in your management area. If you want to make a private podcast, only accessible by your family or friends, this is also possible.

More valuable, Vodio also provides you with an audio answering machine for optimal interaction with your listeners, and of course with enthusiasts and professionals ready to help you !


Our values


Vodio loves the podcast and defends it. We believe in an open world, giving everyone a voice and facilitating contact. This is why the association does not hesitate to raise its voice when people try to take advantage of each other's creations by violating their rights. Through the BadGeek association, Vodio is a signatory of the Open Podcast Manifesto.

Vodio has also been developed in collaboration with people with disabilities, to allow them to have the easiest possible access to the platform and its tools. You will find the possibility of attaching text files to your episodes to allow people with hearing impairments or deafness to access them, and the website is readable by screen readers for people with visual impairments or blindness.