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Make a donation

Vodio is free for you, but obviously has a cost for us. If you appreciate our services or want to help us develop them, you can make a donation to the BadGeek association.

Or by bank transfer (IBAN): FR76 1170 6000 0956 0247 8029 043
Bank Identification Code : AGRIFRPP817

Here are the details of the annual fees for these services:
- podcast hosting, all included, on 120€

The additional services developed by BadGeek cost :
- the URL(s) of these podcasts, which can be modified at any time, in order to remain in control of its content ( 60€
- the video conversion of all or part of a podcast to increase its distribution, on 290€
- the association's website, BadGeek : 70€
- the various domain names: 60€

That is a total of 600€ per year. On average, an account on Vodio costs BadGeek 1€ per month.
An edition of the PodRennes festival costs between 3500€ and 4200€.

The objective of the BadGeek association is simple: to support and encourage the creation and development of podcasts. We have chosen to work with a system of free donations, because we believe that it is collectively that we can act for the free and independent podcast.