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A free offer, without commitment and in total independence... for the same quality as the paid offers.

Podcasters for more than 10 years, we decided to create the podcast hosting offer we were dreaming of: welcome to Vodio, host, broadcaster and guide in your future podcast adventures.

For the modest amount of 0 euro, by choosing to host your podcast with Vodio you will have access to :

- an account area with all the necessary management tools for listeners and podcasters
- your favorites and a podcasts playlist, to resume listening whenever you want
- podcasts and team tabs for an easy management alone or with others
- an answering machine so that your listeners can contact you directly
- the conversion of all or part of your episodes into video optimized for social networks and video platforms
- an embeddable player for your website
- detailed statistics, and compatibility with external statistics tools
- an RSS feed with the latest standards for each podcast hosted or managed via our interface
- a "smartlink" to gather all your links on a single page and help your listeners to follow you
- the import of your podcasts from your RSS feed to change host in a few clicks
- but also the redirection of your podcasts to another host in complete independence at any time
- experienced podcasters ready to advise you on your podcast
- a team of professionals to support you, whether you are a novice or at an advanced level
And many more to come!


Want to know more about our interface? Watch our video presentation of the Vodio tool (in French).

Vodio aspires to break down the barriers in the podcast world, the first one being between listeners and podcasters: you'll have access to the same space account whether you're just here to listen, to produce, or whether you change your mind !

What we don't do:

- you do not have to click on the "refuse" or "accept" button for your data, because we do not collect it! In case you create a Vodio account, mandatory usage cookies will be generated. They are only used to manage your account and your playlists
- we do not register your podcasts on external broadcasting platforms because we want to leave you a total independence and we do not take your statistics (which can be traded)
You will find guides in our articles, or you can ask us to register your podcast on the platforms of your choice.


You are still hesitating? Do not hesitate to ask us on social networks or by message to discuss it!



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