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Who we are

The BadGeek association, which publishes and manages Vodio.fr, is an association under the French law of 1901 (n°W852003796) whose objective is to help creators of audio content to produce, improve, distribute and find their audience. Since 2010, the association has been accompanying and advising them at every stage of their work, from recording to publication, including broadcasting and communication, while defending their rights and reminding them of their duties.

All the essential tools for putting this content online are offered free of charge to all, with no obligation to join the association: all you need to do is create an account on the Vodio.fr website. BadGeek also offers additional tools to help producers to improve their content and make it better known.

If the BadGeek association was born 10 years ago in a completely "geek" perspective, the association has evolved over the years and the evolution of the field made it a space of discovery and exchange. Today, it is an environment where creators who care about the quality of their work officiate, but also a place where broadcasters can come and explore new types of media. BadGeek is an association open to all those who want to create, whether they are passionate or experienced professionals.

Since 2013, BadGeek has been organising an annual meeting between producers and listeners in Rennes: PodRennes. During this festival, many podcasts are broacasted in public, but also creative workshops, learning to better understand digital production and why not, allow the spectators to become producers as well: the listeners of today are the producers of tomorrow.


The team behind Vodio


Illustration & graphic design: CuberToy
Website development: David Rampillon
Communication & texts: Amandine Coyard


You convinced me. How to submit my podcast on Vodio.fr?


You just need to create an account to manage your personal information and your podcasts. Vodio is a hosting service, so it does not have an editorial line. All ideas, all concepts, are welcome! Vodio reserves the right to take podcasts or episodes offline if they are dangerous for our listeners or if the comments made are illegal.

Vodio provides you with a simple and complete administration, it allows you to manage your podcast(s) and all your personal data in total independence. You also have the possibility to indicate the address of your file in mp3 format if you already have a server, or to provide us with your RSS feed to add your podcast on Vodio.fr. You can also transfer it permanently if you wish to benefit from our all-in-one hosting service. In order to break down the barriers in the podcast world, we have also put in place tools to deactivate, delete or redirect your podcasts in one click.

You are in control of your creations and don't have to try to reach the support team to manage them.

If you have any technical, communication or production questions, the team is just an e-mail away!


I like this podcast on Vodio, can I broadcast it?


You own a station and are you looking for shows ? Nothing could be easier ! Just send us an e-mail to tell us what you're looking for and we'll put you in touch with the right person.


I want to help BadGeek, what can I do?


You can help us by making a donation. To do so, go to the "Make a donation" page. Donations help the association to develop free tools for all its users, as well as events and initiatives to keep the podcast alive.

Do you feel like a BadGeek? The association would be nothing without you, whatever your talent... Write to us!