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Podcast hosting providers: a comprehensive comparative table

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Why comparing?


These last years, the podcast hosting offer has become very dense. If you have ever looked for a podcast hosting provider, you have probably come across a top or a comparison article. We did too - as enthusiasts and professionals, we regularly keep up to date with the news in the industry.

Often, we came across articles about podcast hosting platforms that were at best incomplete, at worst misleading because they were totally subjective or biased - and we even learned that sometimes you just have to pay in order to appear in some of these tops.


How to understand this table


We decided to make our own comparison of the podcast hosting provider offers available for podcasters. As we are committed to helping podcast beginners, we have systematically chosen the cheapest monthly, all-in-one offers along with file hosting.

This comparison includes the features, prices, limits, and ethical commitments that we were able to identify. It was compiled thanks to evaluations carried out by people with verified RSS feeds and not being related to these hosts. For our part of the evaluation, we excluded the evaluations of people close to the members of our NPO.

Below, you will find the results of our research and various filters to find the podcast hosting platform that suits you the most (you can click and drag the columns by clicking on the name of the host).


Discover our comparison of podcast hosting offers




A few details


External statistics


Statistics are a marketing argument used by some hosting platforms, however, using an external statistics tool like Podtrac or Chartable allows you to keep control of your statistics even if you change hosts. Not all hosting platforms allow you to provide tracking prefix yourself or even allow you to use these outsourced tools. You can check the Podtrac site to confirm the list of compatible hosts. For Chartable, once logged in go to Dashboard, Integrations and click on Trackable.


In our table, we indicated "yes" at the "External statistics compatibility" line only when your podcast hosting provider allows you to indicate the statistic prefix yourself, within having to ask the support.


Advertising management


Most advertising agencies require a minimum of 5,000 listens per month to offer you an advertising offer and integrate it into your podcasts. These paid listens being accounted for by your podcast hosting platform, it is not possible to verify or confront your host if your external statistical tools do not corroborate their figures.


Keeping your episodes online


If you suspend your monthly payment to your hosting platform, there is a good chance that your episodes will be deleted. Some hosts offer to pay for a less expensive archive system to keep them online.


You can participate in this comparison too!


We are always looking for new participants in our survey to keep this comparison up to date and faithful to the reality of the hosting offer.

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