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How to broadcast your podcast?

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As seen in our previous article, it is important to control the distribution of your podcast. Many platforms exist today and offer you to add your program using your RSS feed, in other words the address that gathers all the data of your episodes, and that Vodio provides you. In addition to relaying your episodes, some offer you access to statistics related to their users' habits.

The process of being present on these platforms is very simple and generally quick: you only have to do this once, and your RSS feed will then act as a bridge between you and its readers. Everything is automated. To optimise your time and the result, we will show you how to add your feed to the most important platforms.


Apple Podcasts


To add your podcast to Apple Podcasts, you need to have an Apple ID. If you don't have one, you can create one at You will need a valid e-mail address and phone number (Apple will verify both).

This account will have to be validated. To do this, we advise you to download iTunes and install it completely, then go to "Account" > "Sign in". You will then get a message inviting you to finish creating your Apple ID. Follow all the steps (contrary to what is indicated on this page, setting up a payment method is not mandatory). You can then uninstall iTunes.

Once it’s done, go to to log in and complete your account setup.

You can add your podcast by clicking on the "+" icon and then "New Show". Then select "Add my show with an RSS feed" and enter your feed. Last step: check that the information is correct, complete if necessary, then validate ! If Apple confirms the eligibility of your podcast, it will appear on Apple Podcasts within 48 hours.




Spotify, Deezer, Amazon


Spotify, Deezer and Amazon work in very similar ways.

For Spotify you need to go to
For Deezer, go to
And for Amazon:

In the same way as for Apple Podcasts, you will have to create an account on the service of your choice. Once logged in, you can add your podcast by clicking on "Add or claim your podcast". The page that appears asks for your RSS feed. Copy and paste the address of your feed, and confirm when Spotify or Deezer asks for it. The e-mail address in your RSS feed (on Vodio: your personal account) is then checked before your podcast is made available on either platform.




YouTube and YouTube Music


You can also submit your RSS feed to YouTube. Your episodes will then be available on YouTube and YouTube Music.

To do this, go to YouTube, create your account, and go to your YouTube Studio. In the left-hand menu, select "Content" and then the "Podcasts" tab. Here, you can add a new podcast by selecting the "Submit RSS feed" option. Simply follow YouTube's instructions.

Good to know: YouTube does not currently allow you to update episodes once they have been uploaded. If you apply changes to the mp3 of one of your episodes, you'll have to go to YouTube, to the podcast management tab, and request a new version.


YouTube and YouTube Music


Other platforms


Other listening platforms exist. We have only listed the main ones. For example, we can also mention Samsung which proposes to add you to its connected objects, the very widespread application Podcast Addict where you can add your podcast (you just have to search for your RSS feed to add it to the application's database) or podCloud where you can reference yourself.


Podcast Addict


Podcasting 2.0


Some open source platforms also use "Podcasting 2.0" tags.

In order to encourage a free, independent and sustainable podcast ecosystem, Vodio uses the following tags:
- guid
- funding
- id platform
- social platform
- license (creative commons)
- season
- episode
- transcript
- locked
- value 4 value

More info on these tags can be found on the Podcast Index website.

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